People ask me where I find inspiration for eLearning design, so I decided to put a compilation of resources I find helpful:

Kaiser - Pediatric Weight Management by Allen Interactions

Allen Interactions is an organization that does eLearning the way eLearning should be built: A training that mimics the real situation as much as possible.

One of my favorite examples from their portfolio is the Kaiser - Pediatric Weight Management course. "Doctors were put in simulated environments with potential patients and their parents. They were given a number of conversations to experience, where they received realistic feedback and consequences that included facial expressions, the difference between what a patient was saying versus what they were thinking, and patients becoming silent or even leaving their appointment early."

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The Red Cross Emergency Response Management Course

I get a lot of inspiration from the "Best of ____" events where they showcase the winners of several categories. Here's the course by the Red Cross from 2012. It won the Best Business Process course.

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Academic Solution - Sleep 101

This course won Best of DemoFest 2016, Best Academic Solution. Check out the "Best Sales Training Solution - Anheauser-Busch Selling Skills Program". It was pretty good too.

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VAVMC Features Video 2016

This course won Best Immersive/ Simulation Solution. It's for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

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