Learning Community Contributions

Communities of Practice at Harvard (2021)

As an Education Training Specialist and later as the Interim Manager of Learning Design and Technology at Harvard Medical School, I participate in three communities of practice:

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DFCI Learning and Development Network (2017)

As a Training and Development Specialist at Partners Healthcare IS for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I led the creation of a learning community comprised of Articulate and Captivate users across Partners Healthcare. I created a knowledge base in Confluence, I created a group in Yammer and I led monthly meetings to discuss issues related to our community and technology for eLearning.

1. Improve Collaboration with Office 365.pptx

DFCI "Tech Insight" Series (2017)

What started as a simple question about Trello by one person turned into a 12-people WebEx meeting which turned into an institute-wide Tech Insight series. Staff (non-trainers) wanted to have regular meetings to go over existing tools and how they can best use them. I started a series of 30-min, monthly WebEx sessions to go over tools such as O365 tools for collaboration and video creation and editing tools.

Review the slides used to lead those sessions: