Learning Community Contributions

Learning from your peers is the best way to be effective at your job. I have been leading learning communities in my previous roles because collaboration makes you a stronger professional. See examples of the learning communities I have led:

Engaging with Technology Affinity Group (2022)

As a Director of Education Technology at William James College, I identified during my learning ecosystem analysis that there was a need for basic computer literacy. I wanted to make sure to contribute to that need, but I wanted to keep it separate from my actual responsibilities in the Education Technology Department. So, I created a led the "Engaging with Technology" Affinity Group to share regular tips in an MS space as well as lead regular virtual sessions to help the community learn more about using technology for collaboration and productivity.

I sent out a survey to find out what topics where of interest to the community and that is how I began the selection of topics for the affinity group.

Communities of Practice at Harvard (2021)

As an Education Training Specialist and later as the Interim Manager of Learning Design and Technology at Harvard Medical School, I participate in three communities of practice:

Watch the video to learn more.

DFCI Learning and Development Network (2017)

As a Training and Development Specialist at Partners Healthcare IS for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I led the creation of a learning community comprised of Articulate and Captivate users across Partners Healthcare. I created a knowledge base in Confluence, I created a group in Yammer and I led monthly meetings to discuss issues related to our community and technology for eLearning.

1. Improve Collaboration with Office 365.pptx

DFCI "Tech Insight" Series (2017)

What started as a simple question about Trello by one person turned into a 12-people WebEx meeting which turned into an institute-wide Tech Insight series. Staff (non-trainers) wanted to have regular meetings to go over existing tools and how they can best use them. I started a series of 30-min, monthly WebEx sessions to go over tools such as O365 tools for collaboration and video creation and editing tools.

Review the slides used to lead those sessions:

Speaking Engagements

Helping people learn is not just something I do for work. I try to help people whenever I get a chance. Below are some examples:

Panel Discussion with UMass Boston ID Students (2020)

In June of 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic, Prof. of Instructional Design at UMass Boston, Apostolos Koutropoulos, asked if I would join a panel of instructional designers to meet with students in a virtual Zoom session to answer questions related to our field. He said that my background in academia, in healthcare, and in non-profits made me a perfect guest.

Watch the video for an edited version of my answers to the students.

Presentation for the Women in Healthcare Management Group (2019)

In the Fall of 2019, I had the opportunity to co-present with Busayo Ola Ajayi, Director, Diversity, Inclusion and Workforce Development (Boston Medical Center). I presented about how I used my online portfolio and LinkedIn to land a job interview with Harvard Medical School and she presented about salary negotiation. I created a resource site that has the information we shared that day.