People ask me where I find inspiration for eLearning design, so I decided to put a compilation of resources I find helpful:

In this third of four showcase events, we explore projects from academia that easily cross over for use in corporate settings. These projects were designed to address various performance challenges. You're sure to draw inspiration and practical ideas from these well planned and executed solutions.

  • Pediatric Sedation Decision-making Scenarios. Storyline360. Development time: 6 months. Amy Morrisey, President, Artisan E-Learning

  • 150 years of Kappa Kappa Gamma in VR. Ryan Gannon, LX Designer, Kappa Kappa Gamma

  • Dr. Neb: A Medical Scenario Game. Tools used: The Training Arcade, HTML5 and Adobe Creative Suite. Number of Learners: 300. Development Time: 3 months. Publicly accessible link to the project: Stephen Baer, Managing Partner & Head of Creative, The Game Agency, and Christina Lorenzo, Senior e-Learning Instructional Designer CHEST, American College for Chest Physicians.

  • HoloDiesel Engine AR Experience. Josh Janikowski, Applications Developer & Tou Xiong , Multimedia Developer / 3D Modeler, Fox Valley Technical College

The Red Cross Emergency Response Management Course

I get a lot of inspiration from the "Best of ____" events where they showcase the winners of several categories. Here's the course by the Red Cross from 2012. It won the Best Business Process course.

Explore the Course Sample (Slide 13 and on)

Academic Solution - Sleep 101

This course won Best of DemoFest 2016, Best Academic Solution. Check out the "Best Sales Training Solution - Anheauser-Busch Selling Skills Program". It was pretty good too.

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