Transitioning into EdTech

The following is a collection of resources that have come my way related to helping educators transition for being a teacher to being in education technology.

Road to L&D: From Teaching to Instructional Design Event Recordings

Transitioning to Learning and Development Conference (8/29 - 9/2)

It's the Transitioning to Learning and Development Conference and there are sessions and virtual discussions scheduled for every day of the week, August 29 - Sept 2. But what really stands out is that nearly thirty individuals reached out to share advice or speak to help anyone transitioning to L&D. This is an amazing thing and a powerful statement from L&D practitioners! So check out the schedule, sign up - it's FREE - and drop in for a session or more next week.

Don't be lured into spending a lot of money learning a tool to build a portfolio. L&D is SO much more than just content development and you can get quickly stuck churning out courses. Teachers have so many more transferable skills to bring into corporate. I would encourage transitioning teachers to target skills like learning analytics, learning community management, and even marketing (MAAS Marketing has some valuable resources). Likewise, ask to be mentored by someone in corporate L&D. They can help steer you.

Forgot to also add: join the GLDC (Global Learning and Development Community) and their free Friday events!

Teaching to EdTech: How Former Educators Transitioned to EdTech Careers by the Boston EdTech Foundation

Success Stories: Teacher to Trainer with guest Jennifer Neydon by TLDCast

After nearly two decades, Jennifer Neydon made the transition from Elementary School Teacher to Instructional Designer. And if you've been paying attention to L&D over the last few years, you know she's not alone.