How do I design and develop training?

ID Model and Resources

Dick and Carey Instructional Model 

I studied the Dick and Carey Instructional Model during my graduate studies at UMass Boston. Why do I like this model? Because I believe in creating training with a purpose and the only way to do it is by making sure that we understand the goal the training is trying to achieve, the needs of the learners and whether or not the learners were able to apply at work what they learned. 

The part of the process I enjoy most are the needs assessment and the develop instructional materials because it is when I feel closest to the learners. 

The following blog posts describe better my training process and planning and development:


eLearning Course Design and Development Process

How to ID

I've had people ask me for resources on how to develop online courses. I created a resource site to help people plan, design and develop courses. It is based on my process to design and develop self-paced online courses.

Planning Examples

HubSpot Facilitation Training Interview Project (2018) 

As part of an interview for a marketing and sales platform company, I planned and designed a blended learning plan for training their SMEs on facilitation skills.  

Wellframe Mobile-App Interview Project (2016) 

As part of an interview for a mobile-enabled care management platform company, I created a description of how I would go about planning training for their company. ​

This is related to the Starbucks Mobile App Training Example (2016) in the Facilitation page.