Deploy Accreditation Training

Lead Resident and Fellows Training Implementation (2019)

As a Training Specialist for the Teaching and Learning Technologies group at Harvard Medical School IT, I was tasked with the deployment of an online course for over 3,000+ residents and fellows at seven affiliate hospitals (BIDMC, BCH, BWH, CHA, MAH, MGH, and SRH.) Thankfully, I already knew most of the hospital LMS administrators and instructional designers from my previous work with Partners Health care and so I was able to succeed in this project. Keep reading to learn about the details of this adventure.

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We had a new accreditation requirement to complete before the upcoming Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)  accreditation auditor's visit. We had never done this before because all training had been led in-person in previous years. This time due to the scope and time constraints, they had to deliver the training online, but they had never done this before. 

My Role

My role was to collect the videos from the Media Services Department who had already been working with the subject matter expert on the video production. I had to plan and lead the collaboration with hospital contacts to make sure the content was deployed in their learning management system. I had meetings to get buy-in and compromise from the hospital liaisons. I kept in touch for status updates. Moreover,  I also followed up to receive reports on course completion.

I didn't have any eLearning authoring tool, do an instructional design colleague at Mass General Hospital put the videos and knowledge checks in Lectora and published the SCORM file for deployment on the hospital's LMS.


We were not able to reach our deadline of November 1st, 2018. But, thankfully, we were given flexibility and by February of 2019 a few weeks before the LCME auditors came to campus, we reached 100% training compliance. I sent a "Thank You Letter" to my hospital contacts. This would not have been possible without their help.