Building 10KSB at Babson College

Build the Course for the 10SB Program at Babson College (2015)

During my tenure as an Instructional Designer at Babson College, we collaborated with Goldman Sachs to launch the "Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses" program. This initiative aimed to empower small business owners with a deeper understanding of essential business operations, such as accounting and marketing. Additionally, it sought to provide them with access to loans, facilitating their continued growth.

Over the course of the program, small business owners will gain the skills needed to recognize new opportunities, embrace practices that increase business growth, and ultimately develop a customized growth plan for their business.

My Role

As the instructional designer, I collaborated with a broad group of program subject matter experts, designers, and developers to assemble the assets hosted on the Blackboard LMS.


During its initial offering, the program boasted a 93% completion rate, which has since increased to nearly 96%. For the second cohort, I collaborated with faculty members who proposed adjusting the program's duration. Additionally, we faced the challenge of adapting content to shift between in-person and online delivery modes, ensuring seamless transitions for both course formats.